About Integrated Group

by user, February 11, 2015

Integrated Group Pty Ltd is the parent entity of Integrated Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd and Integrated Life Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd. We recognise that insurance solutions in today’s environment require specific knowledge and skills to deliver sound outcomes.

We have the capacity to place and advise on many risks, from basic to the most complex of risks. Our focus is on providing the right advice for our clients given their circumstances and requirements.

We help you to think differently and clearly about your insurance risk management. While standard insurance products may suffice, it is important to understand the extent of the cover offered and to consider when a more detailed risk assessment is advantageous.

When required, we do this through:

  • Taking the time to examine your overall situation in detail to ensure risks are identified and properly understood.
  • Using our extensive knowledge and industry contacts, to ensure the range of insurance options are properly considered with attention given to key wording of policies applicable to your situation.
  • The ability to obtain bespoke solutions, should more standardised offerings be too limited or inappropriate.
  • The experience to work with your other key staff or professional advisers, to ensure information is accurate and best utilised.
  • Taking the time to explain the results of our research, the key reasons for recommended cover, and the factors you need to consider; thus allowing more informed decision making.
  • Helping to maximise the likelihood of your claim being paid in full and promptly.
  • In the event of a claim, helping to guide you and liaise with the insurance company, to ensure you to receive your full entitlement under the policy cover.

By carefully considering your circumstances, we help you create, implement and manage a suitable risk management strategy, designed specifically for your needs.

Our representatives are trained to meet Australian regulatory requirements and have many years experience in the insurance industry. These experiences have taught us that providing attentive and personal service is the key a healthy client relationship.